How to choose a Sleep Machine

Patients are recommended to consult a doctor first before purchasing a sleep machine. And the following factors should be considered, they are includes:

  • The size of the bedroom, the size of the machine and tubings, fitting of the mask, noise, and ease-of-use factors such as the adjustment of air pressure and position of buttons and switches.
  • Attach great importance to warranty and its period, maintenance terms and conditions. Masks and tubings are essential but vulnerable to wear and tear. Their maintenance cost could contribute significantly to the total cost.
  • Product agents generally offer 1 or 2 years of warranty for a new machine. Users may renew the warranty by paying an annual fee for CPAP or Auto CPAP machines.
  • Service may also include an analysis for blood oxygen content during sleep, in addition to regular check-up of the machine.[4]


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. It is the most popular treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It uses air pressure generated by a machine, delivered through a tube into a mask that fits over the nose or mouth.[3]


Automatic Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

AUTO CPAP Sleep Machine can detect the breathing patterns of user at different times during sleep, and automatically adjust to the most suitable pressure they need with each breath.[3]


Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure

Bi-Level refers to two-level positive airway pressure. Like CPAP, air is sent through a tube into a mask that fits over the nose. While CPAP generally delivers a single pressure, BiPAP delivers an inhale pressure and an exhale pressure.[3]

Sleep Machine Accessories

It is very important for the user to select the appropriate size and fit the accessories which can maximize your comfort. The following are the basic features of each accessory for your reference.


Silicone Nasal Mask

  • Forehead support is adjustable, reducing the pressure of the nasal bridge
  • Provide high comfort and consistent seal without excessive tightness
  • T-shaped forehead support reduces eyebrow swelling
  • Reduces mask noise and points exhaust in the direction of the hose
Gel Nasal Mask
  • Provide exceptional seal and comfort with a soft outer cushion
  • Available in different sizes which can fit most users including child
  • Two pick-off ports available for pressure measurement or Oxygen bleed in
  • Quiet exhalation ports which can reduce mask noise
Full Face Mask
(Use under special circumstances)
  • Made of Silicone
  • Suitable for patients who breathe through their mouth during sleep
  • Eliminates pressure on the nasal cavity when patients open their mouth during the treatment
  • Easy to assemble or disassemble
Silicone Nasal Cannula
  • Eliminates pressure on the face and nasal bridge
  • Ease to use and not require to adjust each time
  • Eliminates mask leaks
  • Available in different sizes which can fit most users
  • Headgear enhances the comfort of user. Four velcro straps design makes it flexible and comfortable
Soft Cap
  • A full coverage at the back of the head to help prevent slippage during sleep
Chin Strap
  • The soft material provides support to your chin and go up to the top of your head to help keep your mouth closed during sleep. Using a chin strap will help solve the problem of mouth leaks
Heated Humidifier
  • Providing moisture to therapy air during inhalation to increase comfort

Sizing And Fitting

The following sizing and fitting guide can as a reference for the patients in selecting the mask size. And please also consult your doctor and mask supplier to make sure you find the one that is right for you and your needs. . 

1. Understanding the main three points of your face:

  • Nasal wings
  • Nasal bridge
  • Under nose (with the nose and the middle of the lips)

2. According to the following guidelines, can help you to choose the right mask size best for your face:

  • Use of Measuring Instrument which allow you to determine the correct mask size easily and quickly
  • You can also measure your actual nose size from top to bottom and side to side. And choose a right size which fit within your nostrils.
  • Try laying down on your bed with pillow under your head, place the mask on your face with the straps loose. Adjust your forehead cushion and pull the straps to the point with maximum comfort and no mask leak.

Cleaning Instructions

After using the sleep machine, the saliva, nasal fluid and skin oils of user may remain in the throat, nasal mask or humidifier, this can lead to breed bacteria inside and also increase the incidence of sleep machine and make accessories faster wear and tear. These bacteria are more likely causing unpleasant smells in the mask and irritating your skin.

It is recommended to clean the equipment daily or weekly as specified in product instructions, especially the mask, headgear, tubing and humidifier to ensure the safe and effective use of sleep machine.

The cleaning instruction of different brands of sleep machine accessories may be difference, users please also refer to the product manual on cleaning mask accessories.